What is the website?

It is a creation of publicly obtainable, it shares a single domain name. It can be controlled and created by an individual, group, or organization to serve a variety of purposes. The website is also known as a web presence.

What is website creation

Website creation is the process of making a website where we create our own website for our business. Website creation is the design of the website that is shown on the internet. The first step to create a website is to find a domain name according to your business and buy that domain and provide your product or services through the internet. During the purchase of the domain, we have to buy hosting together.

  • To purchase a domain and hosting there are so many websites where you can buy your domain and hosting easily. And some website name is:-
    • Go daddy.com
    • Name cheap
    • Hostgator.in


DIFFERENT Types of Domain name


(1)    TLD- Top-level domains

(2)    ccTLD- Country-code top-level domain

(3)    gTLD- a generic top-level domain

(4)    IDN ccTLD- Internationalised country code top-level domain.


Types of hosting

(1) Shared hosting

(2) Virtual private server hosting (VIP hosting)

(3)Dedicate hosting

(4) Cloud hosting

 Types of website


  • E-commerce: it is an online shop where people can buy good thorough internet from anywhere and anytime.
  • Blogs and personal: – it is a personal website where people share a personal experience like traveling, food blog experience.
  • Informational: – An informational website is those websites which give information to the people through the help of internet. In this website, people learned online and improve their skill.
  • Online community:- The online community is a platform where people share the idea with the same types of interested people through the internet.
  • Social media:- Social media connects people from a different platform and share there test and preference to each other. Social media also help to build a relationship between people.


  • Top 10 most usable CMS (CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM)
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Textpattern
  • Radiant CMS
  • Cushy CMG
  • SilverStripe
  • Alfresco
  • TTPOlight

Some important terms



♦Dynamic website



  • Domain:– A domain is the address of your website where people search your domain name and visit on your website. Like:- www.digitalmsd.com. www.digitalchatni.com.
  • Hosting:- hosting is a service that allows an individual or an organization to post website. Hosting is a service provider. Hosting is also known as web hosting, website hosting.
  • Wireframe:– a wireframe is the blueprint of the website where the designer draws the layout of the website on the page.

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